The Canadair sea plane was on its way to extinguish forest fires in France when it crashed into a barge with passengers on board

A sea plane that was taking off on the Rhône River in France to fight nearby forest fires smashed into a barge with tourists on board.

The boat passengers were watching the Canadair CL-415 water bomber aircraft rise above the water in Vallabrègues, in the Gard region of southern France, when the accident happened.

The left wing of the plane hit the barge but amazingly nobody was injured in the accident, The Aviationist reports.

The water bomber was on its way to Collier, near Nimes, to extinguish a forest fire.

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The Aviationist’s David Cenciotti comments: “…the firefighting mission is undoubtedly one of the most hazardous for pilots. The very low altitude, the smoke that reduces visibility, winds causing turbulence, the large concentration of aircraft in the same area, the generally abrupt topography and the need of perform several fill-drop cycles in a short time make the water bomber role particularly risky. This kind of incident, quite rare, did not injure but the footage posted to Youtube is really impressive.”