The exhausted man was miles from shore when Mexican fishermen picked him up.

Incredible video footage shows the moment a yacht full of fishermen came to the aid of a man floating in a plastic box miles off the Mexican coast.

Believed to have been located some six miles off the coast of Acapulco, in Mexico’s southwestern corner, the men spotted the box when they were 30m from it.

The group shot the video on a mobile phone and only realised there was a man in the brightly-coloured box as they came close.

Mexican fishermen rescue man in box

One of the fishermen can reportedly be heard shouting, “We are going to rescue you, remain calm.”

As they approach the man, they question him about what is in the box and he tells them “Nothing, nothing, just a bird, for food.”

As the fishermen pull the stranded man onboard, he explains he was “with his friend 30 miles away” and had come from Acapulco.

As the man lay on the bow of the boat, the clip ends with the fishermen allowing him to rest.

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