Trimaran skipper sent out mayday call after losing main communications and setting his lifejacket alight with a distress flare

A trimaran swamped with water was rescued on Sunday morning after the RNLI received a mayday call from the skipper.
The sailor got into difficulty five miles south east of Berwick Upon Tweed but was unsure of his location after losing his navigation system in thick fog and a heavy two-metre swell.
He managed to let off some flares but in doing so set fire to his lifejacket and was forced to throw it overboard.
Humber Coastguard watch manager Graham Dawson, said: “The skipper of the yacht ‘Trina’ had lost his navigation system and let off a number of emergency flares to help us locate him. Unfortunately in doing so he had set fire to his lifejacket, which resulted in him having to remove it.
“It is always important to check your position and re-check it. We also recommend that you join and keep up to date the voluntary CG66 safety identification scheme. Finally, tell someone where you are going and when you expect to return.”
After a nearby ship helped to locate the yacht, RNLI Berwick attended the scene.
Due to the weather conditions, the lifeboat was unable to get a crewman onboard and instead lead the yacht to calmer waters.
Once on flatter seas, a lifeboat crewman climbed aboard with a lifejacket and assisted the yacht’s owner in bringing the trimaran back to shore.

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