The coastguard praised the woman’s actions saying the public should never be afraid to get in touch with them

A woman who called the

coastguard after getting stuck on a cruise ship balcony has been praised by the

service for getting in touch.

At 9.20pm on Thursday

evening the coastguard received a 999 call from a woman who’d accidentally been

locked out of her room when she went onto the balcony.

Reports suggest that

she’d been travelling on an overnight trip to Rouen onboard a Fred Olsen cruise

liner when she became locked out.

A coastguard

spokesperson said: “Never be afraid to call the coastguard, we’d always rather

be called than not be called. When something goes wrong at sea, no matter how

small, it always has the potential to become something much worse.”

Speaking about last

night’s incident they said: “As there was no one nearby who could help, rather

than panicking she made the right decision and the called the coastguard.”

Following the phone

call, the coastguard was able to contact the cruise ship and tell them what had

happened. Shortly after a member of crew was sent to unlock the balcony door.

Luckily in this

instance the ship was still in the Solent and the woman was able to be speedily returned

to safety.

Coastguard Matt West

said: “The coastguard encourages anyone in trouble at sea to call 999 and while

this situation was quickly resolved, it may have become more serious if the

lady had been unable to raise the alarm.

“I would like to thank

her for doing the right think by calling for help and we hope that she enjoys

the rest of her holiday.”