RNLI crews from Helensburgh in Scotland attended a yacht left high and dry after it grounded on rocks off Glasgow

A yacht was left high and dry on Friday after grounding on rocks off the coast of Scotland just before 3pm.

Belfast Coastguard sent Helensburgh lifeboat crews to the aid of the 27ft vessel, hard aground some 50 metres from James Watt Dock exit.

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With the tide on the ebb, all the lifeboat could do was take the owner back to shore and return later to ensure that the yacht was refloated safely.

Yacht aground near Helensburgh

Credit: RNLI

An RNLI spokesperson said: “At 9.29pm the lifeboat crew reported that they had managed to refloat the yacht and were escorting it back into James Watt Dock where it was safely secure alongside.

“The lifeboat crew then returned to base, reporting ready for service again at 10.35pm.”