The 27ft yacht ran aground at the entrance of Falmouth Harbour on Saturday afternoon

A 27ft yacht had to
rescued on Saturday afternoon after it ran aground on Black Rock at the
entrance of Falmouth Harbour.

A Pan Pan broadcast
reported that Shinner and its six
crew had run aground just after 1pm.

The vessel had been
sailing too close to a reef when it got into difficulty and had to be rescued
by volunteers from the RNLI.

One at the scene, a
tow line was passed to the yacht and a member of the rescue team boarded the
boat in order to assist with its recovery.

An RNLI spokesperson
said: “The yacht was pulled clear of the rocks at 1.22pm. Once it was confirmed
that there was no water ingress and that the yacht’s engine was operating
correctly, the tow was dropped and the all weather lifeboat was released to
return to its station, while the inshore lifeboat escorted the yacht back into
the inner harbour.” 

None of the crew were
hurt as a result of the incident.

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Photo: Tim Green