One of the two sailors on board suffered burns as a result of the electrical fire

A 26ft yacht had to be towed to safety on Tuesday after an electrical fire broke out on board.

A volunteer crew from Selsey RNLI were called out to Bluebell and her two sailors at around 1pm after the skipper called emergency services and alerted them to the situation.

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He had managed to put the fire out using a fire blanket and sea water but sustained a burn to his hand in the process.

The two sailors had been travelling to Portsmouth from Brighton when the incident happened 1.5 miles south west of Selsey Bill.

Once on scene, a first aider from the lifeboat was transferred to the casualty to assess his burns and confirmed an evacuation wasn’t necessary.

With the vessel making little headway against the tide and wind, the decision was made to two the vessel to Chichester Harbour.

On approaching the area, Solent Coastguard arranged for the local harbour patrol boat to rendezvous with the lifeboat and transfer the tow, completing the last two miles of the journey into the harbour.