British lawyer loses case in Dubai after she claims yachtsman pushed her overboard and threw her handbag at her head

A yachtsman accused of endangering the life of a British lawyer after pushing her off a yacht has been acquitted by a court in Dubai.
The Dubai Court of Misdemeanours heard how the Kuwaiti man had invited a group of friends, including the British lawyer and her sister, on board his father’s boat in May last year.
After the boat had dropped its anchor, the 32-year-old lawyer, who could not swim, asked if she could leave the yacht to take a ride on a jet ski with a friend.
The yachtsman allegedly lost his temper and pushed her off the boat and proceeded to throw the victim’s handbag at her head.
When the lawyer’s sister attempted to help her from the water, the yachtsman also tried to push her from the boat.
The lawyer was rescued by the nearby jet ski and taken ashore where she reported the incident to local police.
The man in question denied the charges, claiming that she had jumped from the yacht to take a ride on the jet ski.
The lawyer later dropped the charges and took civil action against the man in the hope she would receive some compensation.
He was acquitted due to a lack of evidence.

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