Built specifically with the scuba diving market in mind, the Baikal 36 SMT trimaran superyacht has a large distance between hulls to prevent roll.

Could the Baikal 36 SMT be one of the most stable trimarans around?

That is how the Russian shipyard is marketing the new steel trimaran superyacht, promising negligible roll and stability whatever the wave direction.

Baikal Yachts says theThe

It also claims that passengers will not feel seasick either.

The concept was developed by Sergey Gmyra in collaboration with Maksim Lodkin, and at the early stages there was consultation with experienced divers.

A render of a new trimaran for scuba diving - Baikal 36 SMT

Their feedback was incorporated into the trimaran’s design, which boasts solar panels, a wide hull, and also energy efficient engines.

As a result, the 36-metre (118.1 foot) trimaran has cabins all on the same level.

Entry into the water for the divers is via the stern, which also has a medical station and technical room.

There is a large main platform, as well as two smaller platforms for entry/exit, with plenty of space for divers to don equipment and fins.

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There are also safety rails for divers to hang on to, and hydraulic ladders have also been installed around the edge of platforms for the ultimate in easy entry and exit from the water.

Noisy equipment, like the compressors to refill dive tanks, and other technical equipment is stored in the auxiliary hulls so guests won’t be disturbed.

When at anchor and on short journeys, the Baikal 36 SMT uses only electric motors.

These are kept charged via a bank of batteries which draw their energy from solar panels on the roof of the trimaran’s flybridge.

A drawing showing the layout of cabins on a dive trimaran - Baikal 36

Cabin layout on the Baikal 36

The Baikal 36 SMT can accommodate 24 guests in 12 two-room cabins in the main hull of the boat. There are also 7 cabins for the 13 crew in the other two smaller hulls.

The master’s cabin is located near the steering position and the trimaran’s main dayroom.

The flybridge has plenty of comfortable features such as sofas, deckchairs, bar and grill.

There is also an hydraulic platform on the flybridge, which is used by crew to observe the divers and the surrounding area.

The trimaran’s diving centre is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. Divers can even be tracked underwater.

The Baikal 36 SMT also comes with four diesel engines, and has a cruising speed of 10 knots and a maximum speed of 18 knots.