sailing boats at sea

Five crew were evacuated after the BM39 yacht started sinking, just days after starting the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) from Grand Canaria.

Portland Harbour

The authorities are trying to trace the owner of a yacht which is believed to have broken free from its mooring. It was later found smashed and sunk in Portland Harbour.

Vandals are believed to have targeted fishing boats in Fleetwood

An investigation is underway after three fishing boats were sunk at Jubilee Quay in Fleetwood. Local fishermen believe vandals are responsible.

Joseph Lehr uses a vodka cork to plug the hole

After limping into port, the skipper of a sinking motor boat was thrown a vodka cork found on the dock and used it to plug the hole in his vessel.

WWII Sunk boat Linconshire

The owner of a wartime search and rescue boat is making an urgent appeal to help save the WWII vessel, after it sank in the River Witham, Lincolnshire on April 3. David Bradford, of The Ermine, discovered that The Framer was sinking at Kirkstead Bridge near Woodhall Spa when he…