After spending seven months restoring the narrowboat, Dylan Stockli and Jahne Cleaver watched helplessly as their home sank in the Regent's Canal in London

It was supposed to be their dream home, but Dylan Stockli and Jahne Cleaver’s narrowboat now lies partially sunk on the Regent’s Canal in London.

The couple spent seven months restoring the boat, which took just 20 minutes to sink on 20 November 2016.

The firebrigade helped them rescue their narrowboat.

The remains of the narrowboat on the Regent's Canal, Lopndon

The remains of the couple’s narrowboat moored on the Regent’s Canal

Now Cleaver’s mother, Jeanette Cleaver, who lives in New Zealand, has launched a crowdfunding campaign to try and help the couple get back on their feet.

Since the incident, the couple, who are both artists, have been staying in a hostel while they try to salvage what they can of their belongings.

“The sense of loss I feel for them is so immense,” wrote Jahne’s mother on the crowdfunding website.

“Living in an uninsulated, run down narrowboat with no electricity, cooking facilities, running water or toilet, took its toll on them both physically and mentally. The small space, lack of comfort, and constant work became at times too much,” she said.

“However they would always pull themselves together with the positive attitude of keep calm and carry on. Soon they started to see the rewards of all their work and creativity,” continued Cleaver.

“Just by sheer hard work and the clever sourcing and salvaging of old thrown out bits and pieces they had created a home. Not only was it a home but it was also a work of art,” she stated.

So far, people have donated £80 towards the £10,000 target.