Searches are continuing for a would-be thief who attempted to steal a yacht from Miami Beach Marina before crashing it into boats and fleeing the scene.

Police are looking for an attempted yacht thief who tried to steal a motor yacht from Miami Beach Marina before crashing it.

The 80-foot vessel was left partially submerged after it hit several boats moored in the marina. It then hit the dock.

Witnesses reported that a man was seen jumping into the water shortly after the crash.

Stolen yacht crash at Miami Beach Marina

Divers from Miami Fire and Rescue searched for the would-be thief

A search by divers from the Miami Fire and Rescue Department and the US Coast Guard was carried out, but no trace of the man was found.

The incident, which happened on 2 October 2016, was also attended by the Miami Beach Police and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC).

A spokesman for the FWC told CBS Miami that 10 boats had been damaged.

The motor yacht, which is reported to be valued at £3.2 million, was also said to be leaking fuel.

It will not be moved until the possible impact of Hurricane Matthew on South Florida has been assessed.

No-one was injured during the incident, which happened at around 11.30pm.

While investigating the crash, officers also discovered a second theft attempt of a yacht docked at the marina. It too was partially sunk.

Police are not saying if the two incidents are connected.

No arrests have been made.