The boat, built in 1903, participated in an historic ship rescue and now rents for £50 a night.

A former RNLI lifeboat has found a new home onshore as a rental property in the Scottish Highlands.

Built in 1903, the lifeboat Alexandra was involved in the dramatic and headline making rescue of the 65-ton ship Sepoy off the coast of Cromer, in Norfolk.

Alexandra was retired in 1934 and eventually passed into the hands of the Fothergill family, who made the vessel habitable and listed it for rent on the holiday rental website

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The lifeboat enjoys a stunning setting on the Cuan Sound in the Scottish Hebrides with views out across the water from Seil Island towards Luing Island.

Descriptions from the rental listing say that the boat offers its guests six berths set around a central table, as well as a small kitchen stocked with a hob, kettle and cutlery.

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The owners have also installed reading lights, charger points, a fridge and a microwave inside the boat, but toilet and shower facilities are 25 metres away in a small wooden building.

The owners say they are situated close by and describe themselves as: “A family of Joiner and Builders, who have lived and worked in the area for over 40 years.”

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In documents from its Hengry Blogg Museum, the RNLI recounts the Sepoy’s harrowing rescue by Cromer RNLI volunteers in Lifeboat Alexandra on 13 December 1933.

“The Lifeboat was launched at 8.30 a.m., to the Barge ‘Sepoy’ flying distress and dragging her anchors about 11/2 miles East of Cromer Pier. Directly she was launched she was blown and washed round broadside on to the Beach. After one hour’s hard work she was got on to the Carriage again and re-launched.

“The Crew managed to keep her afloat for about 20 minutes, but could make no headway, And she was again driven on to the Beach. The Crew and Helpers, with the assistance of a large number of’ voluntary helpers then got the Boat on to the Carriage again and dragged her about half a mile along the beach South East of Cromer to get well windward of the Vessel, which was now near the beach, and launched again about 1.30p.m. The sale and heavy seas prevented the Crew from getting the Lifeboat far enough out to get alongside the Vessel, and she drifted past her and was driven ashore again. By this time Coxswain Blogg, with the H.F. Bailey, arrived from Yarmouth, and with very great difficulty and wonderful seamanship to take off the crew of two.”

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