A pod of curious dolphins watched as two Swanage lifeboats assisted a stuck yacht near Peveril Ledge in Dorset. See the video here.

A pod of dolphins seemed to be very interested in a rescue operation in Dorset.

Both Swanage lifeboats were deployed to assist a yacht that had been caught in something south of Peveril Ledge.

The yacht had issued a Pan Pan call after becoming stuck and being held to the seabed.
It was unclear what was holding the craft, but the lifeboats couldn’t see nets or ropes.
What they did see however was a pod of dolphins keeping a watchful eye over the proceedings.

After several attempts to free the yacht, the lifeboats towed the vessel and slowly pushed in to the tide.
They then headed towards the calmer waters of Durlston Bay.

After a few checks on engine and steering, the yacht freed itself and continued on their passage.

The lifeboats returned back to Swanage, with the curious dolphins following them.