A new canoe, which can fold-up to the size of a large suitcase, has been launched by the Belgium company, ONAK. See how it folds below.

The new foldable canoe by ONAK can take up to three people plus gear, but is lightweight at just 37 pounds.

Once folded, it is no bigger than 47 x 15 x 10 inches and can be assembled in just 10 minutes, making this the ideal canoe for sailing or travelling.

ONAK folding canoe

Assembling the canoe takes 10 minutes


The canoe was designed and built by passionate canoeists, Otto Van De Steene and Thomas Weyn.

“It all started back in 2013”, explained Van De Steene. “I had just come back from a photographing trip in Norway and lost my cameras in an accident.”

He continued: “To clear my head, I started making little paper canoes as I missed my canoe in Norway. That’s when it struck me: what if I could make real‐sized origami foldable canoes?”

“I got obsessed over the idea. Hundreds of paper canoes and dozens of prototypes later, I’m proud we persisted with our idea,” stated the designer.

ONAK folding canoe

The canoe is easily transportable


According to co‐founder and engineer Thomas Weyn,  the aim was to make canoeing accessible to all.

“We wanted people to be able to experience canoeing wherever they are, even in the city. When folded, the canoe is no bigger than a suitcase, so you can just take it with you regardless of your transportation method,” he explained.

To keep the weight down, the frame of the canoe has been removed.There are even telescopic paddles.

ONAK folding canoe

Testing the canoe


It is made out of a custom developed honeycomb-Curv™ composite material which is 10 times stronger than a normal polypropylene. 

Van De Steene said it took a long time to find the right materials.

“With the EconCore technology and the honeycomb curve composite, we put the final piece into the puzzle,” he said.

The ONAK team has even paddled the canoe through an inch of ice.

ONAK folding canoe

The folding canoe is ideal for travel


ONAK has now launched a Kickstarter campaign. Throughout July, the canoe is available at €995 instead of €1195.

For more information visit the ONAK website.