Olympic gold medallist Ben Ainslie believes that a British America's Cup team has a good chance of winning – providing he can get the right people on board


America’s Cup winner Ben Ainslie is confident that a British team could win the next America’s Cup with the right people involved.

Ainslie, who is currently putting a British team together for the next event, likely to be held in 2017, has already secured some of the $100m funding needed from both private and commercial investors.

Talking at the London Boat Show on Wednesday, he said: “I think we’ve got the right people involved, we’ve got a lot of backing in the last three or four months and if we can pull those key people together, I think we have a strong, realistic chance of being successful.”

Having launched his own team, J.P. Morgan BAR in 2012, Ainslie has said he will only commit to the event when the rules and regulations are announced in the next few months.

Following his success in September with team USA, Ainslie has been working hard to achieve his goal of bringing the America’s Cup back to the UK.

“It’s a very complex task because you’ve got to raise a significant amount of money first and be able to hire the right people in terms of managers, designers and sailors.

“It started in British waters in 1851 so I think it’s about time we put that straight and hopefully bring the America’s Cup back.”

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