Three fishermen returning home are accompanied by a cadre of sea creatures.

Fisherman Steve Boer and his mates Chris and Jake may not have managed to catch any fish, but they did catch some incredible moments on film just off the coast of Phillips Island in southeast Australia.

First, a group dolphins make a beeline for the boat to do a bit of bow surfing. As a pair of dolphins show off their underwater acrobatics, twisting and diving in front of the boat much to the enjoyment of the humans on board, a curious seal pops up to join in the fun.

“Look at ’em go,” says one of the friends.

“It’s just seals and dolphins chasing the boat. All we need now is that whale to show up again.”

Seconds later, a humpback whale graciously obliges and breeches to breathe within a few metres of the boat.

“You little beauty,” one of the delighted group says.

The aquatic animals carry on swimming with the boat until the video ends with one of the crew onboard marking their location of the Victoria coast.

One of the commenters perhaps summed the encounter up best, dryly saying: “This is a normal day in Australia.” Many of us watching might imagine or hope there’s some truth in that.

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