Footage of a close encounter with a great white shark was posted on YouTube over the weekend

A fishermen had a
close encounter over the weekend after a great white shark attacked his boat.

Skipper Steve Clark
was able to capture amazing footage of the incident, which took place on
Saturday in South Jersey, America.

Mr Clark was 30 miles
from shore with a group of friends, including children, when the 16ft predator
began attempting to tear a bag of bait from the side of the vessel.

Speaking about the incident, Mr Clark said: “Obviously, I was a little bit stunned. I didn’t say
anything to anybody, I was looking at it, trying to process the information,
cause it was quite a big fish.”

In the footage, the
great white can be seen violently thrashing its head as it tries to remove the
bag of bait from the 35ft vessel.

Luckily, both boat and
crew were able to return safely to shore unharmed.

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