Several Greenpeace activists were injured during events near the Canary Islands on Saturday

Spanish naval vessels have been captured on video “violently” driving into Greenpeace activists’ RIBs in a bid to prevent protests by the group.

Several Greenpeace crewmembers were injured during Saturday’s events near the Canary Islands, one being hospitalised as a result.

The group had been attempting to protest against oil exploration when naval vessels rammed them as they approached the oil drilling ship, Rowan Renaissance.

In a video posted on YouTube, Greenpeace Spain explained how activists from Arctic Sunrise had approached the drillship to protest peacefully but were “violently intercepted” by three boats from the Spanish Armada.

Greenpeace Spain’s video description said: “The naval vessels have repeatedly rammed the Greenpeace inflatables and as a result there has been falling over the side of one of the activists, who received two cuts and suffered a fracture.”

The 23-year-old Italian national was taken to hospital in Las Palmas following the incident,
while other activists also suffered minor injuries.

Saturday’s events also saw Greenpeace boats damaged.