Spanish police have arrested 14 people, including 12 Brits, who are alleged to be part of a gang smuggling cocaine into Magaluf via speedboat

A cocaine smuggling ring based in Majorca, which used speedboats to transport the drugs into Magaluf, have been arrested as part of an operation by Spain’s Civil Guard.

Officers said 14 members of the alleged gang had been arrested – 12 are from Britain, while one is from Spain and the other is Dominican.

In a media release, the Civil Guard said it had also seized 3 kilograms of cocaine, as well as smaller quantities of MDMA, hashish and methamphetamine.

Four vehicles and cash totalling €103,000 were also confiscated.

Cocaine in plastic baggies

Some of the drugs seized by the police

The arrests are part of Operation Tatum, which started in July last year to target drug smuggling and selling in the Balearic Islands.

The Liverpool Echo newspaper is reporting that three out of the 12 British nationals arrested are from the Ellesmere Port area, while the rest are from Manchester, Glasgow, Leeds and Portsmouth.

None of them have been named, although they have already appeared in court.

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The Civil Guard said the gang is suspected of selling drugs to tourists in nightclubs in the Punta Ballena area of Magaluf.

“The operation began as a result of the Dajú operation carried out in July last year, in which the Guardia Civil proceeded to detain 4 people belonging to a gang of British and Spanish citizens who supplied drugs to leisure areas in Magaluf and in which seized 4.8 kilos of cocaine,” said the Civil Guard.

“As a result of this intervention, the agents became aware that, despite cutting the drug supply to the camels on Punta Ballena Street, they were still very active in drug sales to tourists who came to night spots.”

“Continuing with the investigations, the Guardia Civil verified the existence of a group of people formed mainly by British citizens, dedicated to the distribution of drugs,” it explained.

The operation also involved officers from the National Crime Agency.