The catamaran, Be Good Too, which was abandoned after a rescue off the US coast three years ago, has washed up on a beach in the Outer Hebrides in Scotland

The wreck of Be Good Too washed up on a beach in South Uist in the Outer Hebrides in Scotland earlier this week.

Covered in barnacles, the remains of the catamaran has been drifting in the ocean for the last three years after being abandoned off the east coast of America.

The four crew of the 42-foot catamaran had to be rescued by the US Coast Guard after getting into difficulties approximately 300 miles east of Cape Henry, Virginia on 14 January 2014.

They had left Liberty Landing Marina in Jersey City, bound for St. John, USVI, on 8 January 2014, but suffered rudder problems in heavy seas.

The crew were airlifted to safety by a US Coast Guard Jayhawk helicopter.

See a video of the dramatic rescue below

They never expected to see the Alpha 42 catamaran again…until now.

A resident of South Uist sent photographs of the wreck to one of Be Good Too’s crew, Charles Doane after he found the catamaran on the beach on 16 January 2017.

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Writing on his blog on 17 January 2017, Doane wrote: “How the worm turns! I posted my account of how I and three others abandoned the Alpha 42 catamaran Be Good Too 300 miles off North Carolina exactly three years ago today.”

“And now here I am come to report she has just washed up on a beach in the Outer Hebrides in Scotland. I couldn’t believe it at first,” continued Doane.

“A guy named Jef on the island of South Uist sent me the photo you see above just yesterday, plus a few others, and asserted he thought it must be Be Good Too. The only similarity I saw was in the reverse destroyer bows. Other than that it was impossible to say if it was the same boat or not,” he wrote.