The aircraft attracted plenty of interest as it was towed up the west coast of Ireland to Co Sligo, where it will used as 'glamping' accommodation.


A Boeing 767 has successfully beached at Enniscrone on the west coast of Ireland, after being transported there by barge.

The aircraft, which will be turned into accommodation for a ‘glamping’ site in Co Sligo, left Shannon on 5 May.

See video of the aircraft leaving Shannon Airport below

Thousands of people turned out to watch the Boeing 767 arrive safely on 7 May, with many posting their photographs on social media.

Boeing 737 is beached at Enniscrone

The Boeing 737 is successfully beached at Enniscrone. Credit Atlantic Towage/Twitter


The 159 feet long plane, which weighs more than 70 tonnes, could not be transported by road to the ‘glamping’ site, and so the sea journey was planned.

Boeing 737 makes its way up the Irish coast

The Irish Air Corps took video of the aircraft making its journey from Shannon. Credit Irish Air Corps/Twitter


Timber mats were used to allow a truck and trailer to reach the barge after it had beached.

The plane, which is affectionately known the The Big Yoke, was then lifted by crane onto a trailer before being driven to its new home – Quirky Nights Glamping village in Enniscrone.

Its owner, David McGowan paid €20,000 for the plane which was previously owned by the Russian airline, Transaero.

Speaking on RTÉ News, McGowan joked: “If I don’t land it, I’ll be known as the biggest eejit in the country.”

In addition to the Boeing 767, the entrepreneur already has several old London taxis, a marina, and a double decker bus to be converted into accommodation.