There was a nasty surprise for a Scottish fishing boat crew after two unexploded hand grenades were caught up in the vessel's nets

A controlled explosion has taken place on a beach in Stranraer, southwest Scotland after two unexploded hand grenades were caught up in a fishing boat’s nets.

The vessel was heading to Stranraer harbour in Loch Ryan at just before 1800 on 19 February 2017 when it discovered the devices tangled in the nets.

The skipper contacted the Belfast Coastguard Operations Centre which paged the Stranraer RNLI, Stranraer Coastguard and the Royal Navy.

Because it was unsafe to enter the harbour, the fishing boat crew was advised to anchor off for the night.

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The next day, members of the Royal Navy Bomb Disposal Team were transported to the boat by volunteers with the Stranraer RNLI inshore lifeboat.

The grenades were brought ashore and were taken to a safe area on the beach at Sole Burn near Stranraer, where the Royal Navy carried out a controlled explosion.

RNLI inshore lifeboat

An RNLI D-Class inshore lifeboat. Nathan Williams/RNLI

A spokesman for Stranraer RNLI said: “Stranraer ILB was requested to launch to assist Royal Navy Bomb Disposal Team to transfer them to fishing vessel that had found two unexploded hand-grenades.”

“Stranraer ILB transferred the team to the vessel and transferred them back along with the devices to the shore”

“Also on scene was Stranraer Coastguard. Stranraer ILB was then recovered and made ready for service at 15:00,” concluded the spokesman.