The crew of the Lerwick RNLI towed the scallop boat, Cornucopia into harbour after a fouled propellor caused the vessel to run aground off Sandwick, Shetland Islands

A scallop boat, which ran aground off Sandwick in the Shetland Islands after fishing gear wrapped around its propellor, has been towed to safety by Lerwick RNLI.

The skipper of the Cornucopia contacted the UK Coastguard at around lunchtime on 17 December 2016 to report that his gear was fouled and he was drifting towards the shore.

He eventually ran aground close to Broonies Taing in Sandwick.

Lerwick RNLI lifeboat crew launched at 1230 as well as a search and rescue helicopter, Rescue 900, based at Sumburgh.

Before the lifeboat arrived on the scene, the skipper of a nearby creel boat came to the aid of Cornucopia.

The Osprey managed to tow the 10-metre scallop boat into deeper water.

The helicopter stood by in case it needed to assist.

The Lerwick RNLI crew then came alongside the Cornucopia and towed the vessel to Broonies Taing Pier, coming safely alongside at around 1330.

The skipper of the vessel wasn’t injured as a result of the incident.

There was no reported damage to the Cornucopia.