The skipper of a 30-foot dismasted yacht, which was struggling in 30 knot winds in the Bristol Channel, has been praised by Mumbles RNLI

The crew of a dismasted yacht have been rescued by Mumbles RNLI after the vessel got into difficulties in the Bristol Channel at the weekend.

The 30-foot yacht lost its mast while making passage between Ilfracombe in north Devon and Swansea in Wales.

The crew of the Mumbles RNLI all-weather lifeboat were called out at 2am on Saturday (13 May)

Commenting on the rescue, the deputy second coxswain at Mumbles, James Bolter said the lifeboat arrived on the scene within half an hour.

He added that it was not easy to locate the yacht in the Bristol Channel, as the main radio had been damaged when the yacht dismasted.

“It was pretty tricky locating them as they lost use of the main radio when the mast came down but the skipper had the foresight to have a hand held VHF too,” he said.

“The crew of the yacht had managed to free the mast, not an easy task in 30 knots of wind,” continued Bolter.

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Two other vessels – the Jubilee Sailing Trust’s training ship, Lord Nelson, and a yacht – May Contain Nuts – also offered assistance.

The RNLI crew assisted the crew of the dismasted yacht to motor back to Swansea Marina, arriving at around 5.30am.

“We have to commend the skipper of the 9 metre yacht for calling for assistance rather than trying to make way with a dangerous sea and damaged rigging,” stressed Bolter.

“We also are grateful for the offer of assistance from the Training Ship Lord Nelson and the yacht May Contain Nuts which was making passage in the area at the time,” added the deputy second coxswain.

The yacht became dismasted around 12 nautical miles south of Mumbles.