RNLI crews attended the drifting container on Friday after it was spotted by several vessels off Humber


Humber RNLI prevented a drifting container from entering local shipping channels on Friday after it started to pose a great risk to nearby vessels and wind farm installations.

Volunteer crews had been on exercise with the coastguard’s new search and rescue helicopter when they were diverted to the scene.

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Multiple boats in the area had spotted the drifting container, which was coming close to local shipping and the wind farm Humber Gateway.

Two wind farm transfer vessels stood by while the Severn class lifeboat made the six-mile journey to the area.

Once on the scene, RNLI crews made preparations in case the container was to get too close to the wind turbines, now within 1.4 miles.

RNLI coxswain Martyn Hagan said: “A tug had been launched from Grimsby and tasked with recovering the container but we had to be prepared in case the container was to cause any problems before its arrival.

“The crew prepared lines and fenders and also made their small inflatable daughter boat ready in case a tow was needed to avert a potential collision.

“Thankfully the tidal drift meant the container was slowly moving away from danger and was in open water when the tug arrived.”

The tug’s onboard cranes were used to lift the drifting container from the water before the lifeboat escorted the vessel for the first part of its passage back to Grimsby.

“We prevented a larger incident occurring and even using our daughter boat to assist the tug meant less risk was needed in the containers recover,” Mr Hagan added.

The RNLI believes the 32ft-long container may have become detached from a ship in bad weather and the incident will now be investigated by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency.