Expleo Design studio unveil another radical super-yacht design with the Elyon. The 110 metre yacht has been designed to accommodate up to 30 passengers


Expleo have pulled out all the stops with their latest superyacht, the Elyon.

They have focused on their goal of ‘aim for the highest’ by attempting to provide the sleek and lavish yacht.

The organic shapes used to draw the yacht combine elements inspired by nature assembled in a futuristic and innovative approach.

Expleo’s futuristic design resembles a wave. They’ve taken inspiration from the wave and wanted to capture it in their design, as it sits succinctly on the ocean.

expleo's elyon superyacht


The Elyon’s unique bow, the blending between decks, wide glass windows and the three structural elements from each side give the style of the superyacht. The Clean design and wide spaces offer an immense feeling of freedom amongst the elements.

It comes with six decks and each one has its own features and ways of entertainment to be discovered.

The yacht contains indoor and outdoor swimming pools, jacuzzis, a dining space, spa and gym and wellness area, games and casino room. Passengers may also just want to relax and sunbathe. There would be no need to leave the boat such is the options available.

The space underneath the helipad was designed to be used as a party place for any guests who wish to let their hair down.

It projects an ultimate envision of comfort, and pleasure of enjoying a calm and sunny sea, whilst on the water.



The Elyon is a picture of luxury and leisure with no expense spared for its 30 on-board passengers.

The design work of Expleo to create dreams through a unique experience for their guests through their beautiful craftsmanship.