Three lifeboat crews were called out to the aid of the Bon Amy fishing boat after the vessel became entangled in ropes off Craster in Northumberland

The fishing boat, Bon Amy, was saved during a multi-agency operation at Craster in Northumberland.

The vessel had become entangled in ropes and was in danger of crashing onto rocks because of the strong wind and waves.

The skipper contacted the UK Coastguard for help on 20 December 2016.

The Craster RNLI D-Class Lifeboat arrived on the scene first and attempted to free the rope which had disabled the fishing vessel.

However, the crew were unsuccessful.

The crew then decided to attach a line from the Bon Amy to the boiler of an old wreck, hoping it would serve as an anchor and prevent the fishing boat from drifting.

The strength of the wind and sea state meant the D-Class Lifeboat was incapable of towing the vessel and the helm in charge requested the assistance of an all-weather lifeboat (ALB).

Flanking stations Amble and Seahouses were tasked by UK Coastguard to assist.

Amble’s new Shannon class lifeboat, the Elizabeth and Leonard, was first to arrive on scene and set about working with Craster lifeboat crew to set up a tow with the Bon Amy and its three crew.

The fishing vessel was towed clear of danger and returned safely to Craster harbour.

Commenting on the rescue, a spokesman for the Amble crew said: “Great team work between ourselves, Craster Lifeboat, Seahouses lifeboat and Humber Coastguard.”