The New South Wales Police are investigating after a dismasted 'ghost yacht' was found floating off the coast of Australia. The vessel later sank

A ‘ghost yacht’ found floating off the south coast of New South Wales in Australia has left officers with a mystery to solve.

The 23-foot vessel was spotted by a member of the public between Narooma and Bermagui early on 22 December 2016.

It is reported to have no mast or markings and was in a poor condition.

Volunteers with Marine Rescue NSW were called out to the ‘ghost yacht’, which was by then submerged and drifting off Camel Rock.

Remains of ghost yacht in the sea

The remains of the ‘ghost yacht’. Credit: Marine Rescue NSW

A diver was deployed to search the vessel for anyone on board.

There were no signs of any crew.

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Posting a photograph of the ‘ghost yacht’ on its Facebook page, Marine Rescue NSW wrote: “A semi submerged yacht located by Marine Rescue NSW at 9:12 AM between Bermagui and Narooma.”

“A diver winched down by the Westpac Life Saver helicopter searched the vessel for occupants. None were found. NSW Police are investigating.” it concluded.

The vessel subsequently sank in around 30 meters of water while it was being towed back to shore.

Officers with the New South Wales Police are now investigating to try and trace the owner of the yacht.