Two men, who were caught speeding on the Lymington River in two separate incidents, have been fined by Southampton magistrates

Two men, who put the safety of others at risk by ignoring the speed limit on the Lymington River in Hampshire, have been fined for flouting the law.

The prosecutions were brought by the Lymington Harbour Commissioners.

Southampton Magistrates’ Court heard that Mark Kelly had been caught doing speeds of up to 30 knots in his powerboat in July 2016.

This caused a huge wash to be created.

The maximum speed limit along the Lymington River is 4-6 knots.

The court was also told that Kelly, of Midland Road, Bournemouth, had tried to moor the powerboat a number of times and that he appeared to be under the effects of alcohol.

He also lied to harbourmaster staff by giving a false name and address.

Kelly admitted speeding, navigating his boat in a manner that endangered the safety of others and causing an excessive wash. He also also pleaded guilty to obstructing a harbour officer.

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According to the Southern Daily Echo, Kelly said he was “new” to boating and had drunk “a couple of pints” in Yarmouth.

He added that “everyone else seemed to be going very fast” and that he thought it “looked all right” on that stretch of the river.

For each of the four offences, Kelly was fined £500 each. He was also ordered to pay £800 in costs and a victim surcharge of £50.

Meanwhile in a separate case, boater David Masters pleaded guilty to speeding on the Lymington River, navigating in a manner that endangered others and creating an excessive wash.

Masters, of Thaxted in Essex, was in charge of a RIB when he was caught breaking the speed limit.

He was fined £900, ordered to pay £800 in costs, plus a victim surcharge of £50.