Fleetwood RNLI will mark 160 years since receiving their first lifeboat during their annual Lifeboat Day on 28 July 2019

Captain Edward Wasey asked the RNLI for a lifeboat in Fleetwood in February 1859. Since then, the town’s RNLI volunteers have saved nearly 700 lives.

The first lifeboat, a 30 foot, six oared ‘Peake’ class arrived in Fleetwood at its new boathouse, built on the beach opposite the North Euston Hotel, and cost £140. The boat was unnamed and kept on a special launching carriage.  John Cox, Chief Boatman to the local Coastguard, was appointed Coxswain.

Fleetwood RNLI’s latest Shannon class lifeboat, Kenneth James Pierpoint, the 12th to serve at Fleetwood, in contrast, cost £2.2 million.  The craft rests in the seventh lifeboat station to be built near the Euston Gardens. Alongside the all-weather lifeboats, Fleetwood RNLI has also had ‘D’ class lifeboats serving at the lifeboat station since 1966.

Fleetwood RNLI will celebrate the 160th anniversary of receiving their first lifeboat during their annual Lifeboat Day on 28 July 2019.

Current Coxswain, Tony Cowell comments: “It’s a tremendous feeling to be part of this town’s history. The lifeboat has been part of the community for 160 years and saved many lives. But it has also been an important service to Fleetwood, operating alongside its historical fishing industry. However, without the local support we’ve received over the years, it would have been impossible to continue. On our Lifeboat Day, we would like to say a massive thank you to them, not only for the past 160 years, but for the next”.