World-renowned architect Frank Gehry has adapted his architectural skills to seagoing vessels by designing his first yacht. See all the pictures of the stunning craft here.

Frank Gehry has unveiled the wooden sailing yacht he designed for himself.

The world-renowned architect worked with Argentine naval architect German Frers to create the yacht, and the pair have been working on the vessel since November 2008.

Dubbed Foggy, the yacht is named after Gehry himself, based on the 86-year-old’s initials, F.O.G., and was built by the Brooklin Boat Yard in Maine, which is known for its skills in wooden boat engineering. The group used a cold-moulded construction process as well as carbon fibre and titanium details to ensure the ship’s strength could hold up to the architect’s design that included hundreds of glass squares inset in latticework frames both on deck and in the ship’s hull.

The traditionally crafted larch-hulled and teak-decked boat features the architect’s signature curved, sail-like lines both above and below decks. An avid sailor, Gehry’s sail-inspired building designs include the world famous Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao and Paris’ Fondation Louis Vuitton fashion palace as well as the IAC building known as ‘The Sails’ in New York.

Although this is the architect’s first foray into boat design, he owns a fibreglass-hulled ship – soon to be renamed Foggy 1 – and sails weekly. And he isn’t the first architect to have a go at designing his own yacht. Zaha Hadid, John Pawson and others have also tried their hands at adapting their building design prowess to sailboats.

Foggy has already won the Round the Island regatta in Martha’s Vineyard this summer – stripped of its furniture to reduce weight and using a 105-foot carbon fibre mast – and Gehry has plans to take Foggy through the Caribbean to Panama to visit his recently-completed Museo de la Biodiversidad.

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