Locals have raised concerns after Anglesey council held key talks in private over plans for a £100m marina in Holyhead

Councillors and members of the public in Holyhead have expressed their disappointment after Anglesey council’s executive committee voted to discuss plans for a new waterfront marina in private.
Members of the committee decided in the meeting held yesterday to surrender the council’s lease of Holyhead’s Newry Beach to investment company Conygar and ferry operator Stena.
Members of the public did attend the executive committee’s meeting but were turned away when the decision was made to exclude the press and public.
The controversial plans for a £100m marina development in the area have divided local opinion.

Those who are opposed to the marina plans are worried handing over the lease could lead to further development of the area.
Following the decision to surrender the lease, currently held by the council despite Stena owning the land, a two-week public consultation period will take place.
Councillor Robert Llewelyn Jones, who had tried to get the item discussed in public, said: “I’m concerned that this has been discussed behind closed doors, and I’m going to try to work with the monitoring officer to make sure the public can hear discussions in the future.”
“We should be open and transparent so that everyone knows what’s going on.”
Holyhead councillor and opponent of the development Shan Redmond said: “I want to see the lease retained by the county council, but I also want an open debate and discussion on the matter.”
“It’s a piece of land which is leased on behalf of the public and the public should have an ear on what is going on.”

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