RNLI crewman rescued the casualty from Eyemouth harbour after reports he was face down and motionless in the water

A man was saved from drowning in Eyemouth harbour on Saturday after falling into the water in the early hours of the morning.

Aberdeen Coastguard received reports of a man floating face down and motionless in the water just before 2am and launched an RNLI crew to the scene.

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Volunteer crewman Dean Mark was the first to arrive and entered the water before turning the casualty over to clear his airway, allowing him to breathe for himself.

The casualty was then secured to a ladder while other volunteers entered the water to assist with his recovery.

With help from Eyemouth Coastguard and local police teams, the man was lifted from the water, upon which lifeboat crews began administrating casualty care before handing him over to waiting paramedics.

The man, who was suffering from hypothermia, was transferred to hospital where and was later reported to be in a stable condition.

Crewman Dean Mark said: “When I saw that the man was floating face down in the water, I knew that I had to act quickly, all my RNLI training kicked in and did what any of the other crew would have done, and did what I could to try and help.”

“Eyemouth Lifeboat Operation Manager, John Purvis, commented that; ‘Without Dean’s quick thinking and immediate actions, the outcome of this service call could have been dramatically different.  Dean undoubtedly saved this mans life.”

Police Scotland inspector Bryan Burns said: “Thanks to the efforts of Dean Mark a young man was saved from what was potentially a fatal situation.

“It is through his selflessness and bravery that this incident reached a positive conclusion and Police Scotland commends Dean for his swift action.”

“This incident also raises the issue of safety in the water as summer approaches.

“Take responsibility for your own actions and make sensible decisions in order to stay safe around waterways.  The best advice is to be aware of the dangers, think about the risks and plan to minimise them.”