Security marking firm urges owners to be extra vigilant as the summer season gets into full swing


Outboard engine theft has increased by more than 40% in the last six months, according to security marking company Datatag.

The firm is urging owners to be extra vigilant this summer, with outboard theft now accounting for nearly 60% of all marine crime.

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Often weighing around 60kg and have a value of up to £3,000, a sub 20HP engine is an easy target for criminals as they can often be removed from transoms and placed in the back of a van or a pick up.

However, outboard theft is not just limited to the cost of replacing the stolen engine, with thieves sometimes using chainsaws to cut through a boat’s transom, causing significant damage.

Datatag strategic alliance manager Dave Luscombe, said: “Marine theft is a significant concern for the industry and the reason why we developed our Marine Security System. Our technologies provide irremovable and unique identification so that even when VIN plates are altered or replaced the original owners details are still identifiable to Police in the event of a theft.”

The Datatag Marine Security System features evident warning labels to deter thieves, UV etching, Datadots and RFID transponders.

The combination of these elements has a proven record in reducing crime in other industries such as construction and motorcycle.

Aiding in the police’s work to defeat criminals is Datatag’s secure database, which unlike many is accessible 24/7 through a dedicated call centre allowing fast, secure and easy confirmation of ownership.

George Cheeseman, sales and marketing manager at Suzuki, where they’ve been the first manufacturer to offer their customers Datatag, said: “We want all our customers to get the most out of their Suzuki marine equipment and in fitting Datatag we feel we can allow them to relax just that little bit more.”

Owners of all marine outboards can protect themselves with a Datatag Marine Outboard Kit. They’re available through the Datatag website or selected marine dealers.