Seabob water sled maker Cayago has made two limited edition designs for Princess.

Princess Yachts has contracted a German yacht toy manufacturer to create two bespoke water toys to celebrate their 50 years of building luxury motor yachts.

Shaped somewhat like a lifesaver’s rescue buoy, the toy, called a Seabob, is able to carry its user along the top of the water as well as to dive below the water.

The Seabob is described “the world’s fastest water sled” by Cayago AG in Stuttgart, Germany, who manufacture it, and by others as an underwater scooter or jet. 

The two €11,255 limited edition water toys created for Princess — Lady ’65 and Cubic ’65 — are ultralight and driven by electric motors. A description of the watercraft by the company says they can be lifted by a single person, without assistance, from the water.

princess yachts seabob

The watercraft are also described as easy to handle and suitable for anyone, even beginners unfamiliar with operating them.

The bespoke Seabobs are each adorned by an illustration by French artist Jaume Vilardell, who Princess Yachts commissioned to create the brand’s 50th anniversary campaign artwork.

Princess Yachts make a range of motor  yachts from under 40ft to 130ft in length and have their production facilities based in Plymouth on England’s south coast, where the company was founded in 1965.

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