Designs for the impressive new range of expedition yachts, the SeaXplorers, were unveiled at the Monaco Yacht Show last week.

The builders, Damen Group, claim that they are the first ever range of expedition yachts, and that they will be able to cruise through the ice of the Artic.

The impressive vessels, named SeaXplorer, will have space for submarines, two helicopters, diving and expedition boats.

They also promise a sun deck, Jacuzzi, haman, steam room, sauna, rain shower and massage facilities, plus a “finest dining” service due to extensive provisioning.

The yacht’s are designed with full capability for remote destinations, from extreme Polar to remote tropical areas, can stay at sea for 40 days, and reach speed of up to 16 knots, according to the Damen Group.

They can accommodate 30 guests plus 50 crew members and will have a price tag thought to start at more than £100million, with models of 213ft, 295ft and 328ft.

The ships are planned to be launched in 2017.