Seven men drowned and another is feared dead after their boat tipped over whilst they were filming a Facebook Live video and taking selfies. The accident happened in India

Seven men died and one is still missing after their boat capsized on the Mangrul Lake in Nagpur, India, on Sunday night, 10 July.

The group of friends, aged between 18 and 27, were on a boat trip when they decided to post a Facebook Live video and take selfies.

They huddled together on one side of the vessel without realising the boat was tipping over.

Govardhan Thote 18, Rahul Walode, 23, Ram Shivarkar, 24, Harshal Adamne, 18, his 20-year-old brother Chetan Adamne, Maqsood Sheikh, 27 and Abdul Sayeed, 21, from Ashirwad Nagar in Nagpur City, all lost their life in the accident.
The eighth fried, Atul Bhoya, is still missing. Local authorities have launched a search for the young man.

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The Sun reports Senior Inspector from Kalmeshwar police station in Nagpur Chandra Bhadure, saying: “The guys had got onto a small boat.

“They were so engrossed in taking selfies and doing the live-streaming in Facebook that they forgot that all of them had come to one corner of the boat.

“That would be capsize as a result of the imbalance caused by the uneven weight put on one side.

“India has become the capital of selfie death in the world, but our people still continue to risk their life and limb for a selfie.

“As of now, the search operation has stopped as it is not possible to carry out any rescue mission at night.” Mr Bhadure continued.

“Tomorrow, we will resume the operation with the National Disaster Response Force team.”