The unnamed man was naked on a boat and was shooting at police. He was killed by officers after an hour long standoff at Eagle Harbor, Washington

A man on a boat moored at Eagle Harbor, Washington, began firing shots using a rifle at around 8.30pm on Saturday 8 July, reports.

Bainbridge Island Police were soon at the scene, after receiving a 911 call from nearby boat owners. The FBI, the Coast Guard and Brementon police were also involved.

Police tried to get the man to surrender using flash bangs and a smoking device, according to witnesses. A King County’s Guardian One police helicopter was also deployed.

According to a KOMO News photographer who was at the scene, at 12.30am, the armed man appeared on deck naked before climbing into a dinghy. He then made his way back into the cabin of the boat, before re-emerging with a rifle and shooting fire at the police. The police fired back and hit the gunman.

The man was pronounced dead at the scene, Bainbridge Island police said.

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According to witnesses the gunman wasn’t aiming at anybody in particular when he started firing his rifle, before the police arrived.

Nearby boats were evacuated and nobody was injured but several craft were hit by the shots.

Ferry services between Bainbridge Island and Seattle were suspended for 90 minutes during the accident, but resumed just after 11pm.

Bainbridge Island police towed the gunman’s boat out of the harbour at 9.30am on Sunday morning, 9 July.