Selsey RNLI went to the aid the of the solo sailor on Saturday following a request from the Solent Coastguard

A solo sailor had to be rescued on Saturday after his yacht ran aground off Selsey Bill.

Selsey RNLI launched to the 9m vessel Moody Mania at 4.32pm following a request from the Solent Coastguard.

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An inshore lifeboat crew attended the scene and established that the lone elderly sailor was well, but unsure of his position.

An RNLI spokesperson said: “As low tide was approaching, the lifeboat crew decided to pull his anchor out and wait with the vessel until the tide turned and flooded enough to free the vessel from the sea bed.

“The weather on scene was wind force 5-6 with a moderate to rough sea with clear sky.”

The helmsman of the lifeboat also said the vessel was poorly equipped with safety equipment.

Selsey Bill yacht grounding

Moody Mania in clear water

Moody Mania had been travelling from Ipswich to Bristol and was heading for Chichester harbour when she ran aground.

Around two and a half hours after the RNLI arrived on scene, the yacht came free and the rescue crew was able to tow her into clear water.

With the skipper of the yacht happy to continue his passage to Chichester harbour unaided, the inshore lifeboat was released by Solent Coastguard and retuned to the station.