The part tabby, part tortoiseshell cat was found stowed away on a yacht when it arrived in Oban. It has now been taken home to Leverburgh, Harris.


A stowaway cat has now been returned home to Levernburgh, Harris in Scotland after sailing more than 150 nautical miles to Oban in Argyll.

The moggy snuck on board a charter yacht when the crew called in on the isle of Harris.

The cat is part of a feral colony that has been spayed and neutered by the prawn fishermen at Levernburgh.

They feed the animals the fish they catch in return for mice and rat catching duties.

The puss was discovered by workers on board the yacht in Oban.

It was cared for by Oban Vets and Argyll Animal Aid before travel arrangements could be made.

“We have discovered that she is part of a feral colony that has been spayed and neutered by the fishermen on Harris who feed them and in return the cats keep down the mice and rat population! This wee soul stowed aboard and has ended up with us,” explained Argyll Animal Aid on its Facebook page.

“They would like her back but it might take some time unless we can organise someone to take her at least to the ferry going to Harris,” appealed the organisation.

While being checked over by vets it was discovered the moggy was in fact a he and not a she.

Luckily, Cathi Bertin was visiting family on Harris and offered to deliver the cat back home. He was picked up by John MacLennan on 20 June and driven back to the feral colony.

We had our little stowaway in to the vet and had him neutered and health checked so he went back feeling like a million dollars,” noted Argyll Animal Aid.

The organisations thanked everyone who had offered to take the moggy home.