RNLI volunteers and a ferry went to the aid of the fishing vessel off Stornoway during the weekend

A fishing vessel had a lucky escape on Saturday after it began taking on water amid large waves off the coast of Scotland.

Ocean Spirit’s engine broke down 8.5 miles south east of Stornoway after an ingress of water fried the onboard electronics on Saturday afternoon.

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The three crew on board radioed for help at around 4.15pm, and a number of craft and rescue agencies went to the aid of the fishing trawler, including another fishing vessel and a ferry taking part in engine trials nearby.

RNLI volunteers from Stornoway captured footage of the treacherous conditions as they battled heavy swells and gale force winds to reach the distressed boat.

After cutting away all their fishing gear and using onboard pumps, the three crew were able to stabilise their vessel themselves and made their way back to Stornoway for repairs, escorted by the RNLI lifeboat.

RNLI mechanic Martin Murray said: “The conditions were pretty poor on the day but fairly typical for the Minch. In the end, the crew of the casualty vessel were able to use their own salvage pumps to get rid of enough of the water and get underway while we stood by. Despite the weather we’re always happy to put to sea to help anyone when required.”