Walmer RNLI rescued a horse that threw her rider off and swam half a mile offshore

The RNLI carried out an unusual rescue this week when they saved a horse that was found swimming half a mile offshore.

A horse rider was riding through shallow water on Tuesday when she was suddenly thrown from her horse, who swam into the sea. The rider followed the horse, but turned back when she realised she couldn’t reach her. Dover Coastguard were called to rescue the animal.

The horse was found half a mile offshore and starting to tire. The Walmer RNLI lifeboat crew managed to attach a line to her bridle and coax her back towards the shore.

When they reached the shore, the rescue team learnt that Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports and Chairman of the RNLI, Admiral the Lord Boyce, had been part of the crowd watching and photographing the incident.

“This was one of the most unusual and most satisfying rescues I’ve carried out whilst a lifeboat crew member,” helmsman Andrew Howland said. “Leading a horse to water is one thing but persuading it to come out again is a completely different issue.”