Liso Yachts's new high energy battery powered luxury motor yacht Aquamare 750 GTE is painted with diamond coating and boasts vegan leather interiors

Liso Yachts have unveiled their new high speed pleasure motor yacht, the Aquamare 750 GTE at the Cannes Boat Show.

Reaching a top speed of 51 knots, the 8 metre Aquamare 750 GTE has been created to have minimal impact on the environment.

The new Liso Yachts boat uses lithium batteries, which are 97% recyclable, boasts an electric engine and its interior upholstery is made with cruelty-free vegan leather. The high energy 140 kWh battery gives the owner a full day range and can be charged everywhere from 110V to 420V sockets.

Liso Yachts Aquamare 750 GTE hull

Its environmentally friendly credentials have not stopped the 8 passenger yacht from being luxurious. Its design has a elegant and classic feel and its exterior has been painted with Jean Boulle Luxury diamond coating.

Liso Yachts Aquamare 750 GTE diamond coating detail

The yacht offers the ‘Infotainment’ systems, tailor made hardware and software for IOS and Android.