The washed up hull of Michele Zambelli's Class 950 entry Illumia 12 was found by a man taking a walk along the beach this morning (29 November) in County Kerry, Ireland

When Michele Zambelli set off from Plymouth, England, at the start of the Ostar race to Newport, New Jersey in June little did he know that he would end up arriving by helicopter in Halifax, New Scotia two weeks later whilst his boat contrived to arrive alone on a beach in Brandon Bay, County Kerry five months later.

After encountering keel problems just two weeks into the OSTAR Race Italian skipper Michele Zambelli was forced to abandon ship. He was rescued by a Canadian Air Force helicopter about six hours after he activated his EPIRB.

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Illumia 12 has now turned up in Ireland, on a beach in Brandon Bay, County Kerry.

Mark Brodie and his daughter were walking their dogs when she thought she had spotted a beached whale. Closer inspection led to the discovery of Zambelli’s missing yacht.

“I was amazed to find the upside down yacht” Brodie told “It does not appear to be holed and the hull looks in excellent condition as well as the metal work.”

On hearing that his stricken yacht had been found, a clearly elated Zambelli told today: “This boat deserves to race again and to see the United States. This boat has a soul!”

The keel of the Illumia 12 has now gone, but the hull with some of the rig, is still intact. Illumia 12 has been removed from the beach by the local authorities.