The innovative water scooter and tender crossover, the Vanqraft VQ16, promises fun, comfort and convenience. Watch the video and judge for yourself

The Dutch boatyard, Vanquish Yachts has just delivered its first Vanqraft VQ16 in Ibiza.

The unique water scooter/tender crossover has been designed by Vanquish Yachts CEO Tom Steentjes and Guido de Groot, who was responsible for Vanquish’s VQ90 Veloce.

A tender/water scooter cross over Vanqraft VQ16

The Vanqraft VQ16 in action in Ibiza. Credit: Stuart Pearce

At 16-foot long, it can be handled by anyone with water scooter experience.

The Vanqraft VQ16 is easy to manoeuvre, and comes with a 200 hp Yamaha 1.8 litre engine with jet propulsion, giving it a top speed of 40-knots.

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As a tender, it can take a maximum of five people – ideal for guests wanting to spend an afternoon comfortably cruising to nearby beaches, clubs and restaurants.

The first Vanqraft VQ16 has been delivered to an existing Vanquish Yachts customer, who owns one the new 48-foot VQ48 Dual Console sports yacht.

A man wearing sunglasses plays on the new Vanqraft VQ16

Fun for one. Credit: Stuart Pearce

“The owner is not alone in saying that this unique crossover configuration has exceeded all expectations since she arrived on the White Island (Ibiza) last week,” said Vanquish Yachts in a media release.

Bikini clad girls and a man on the new Vanqraft VQ16 in Ibiza

It can take up to five guests. Credit: Stuart Pearce

This first tender/water scooter crossover is grey, to match the owner’s VQ48.

Girls in bikinis and men in trunk relax on the back of a Vanquish yacht in Ibiza

Guests relax on the VQ48 Dual Control. Credit: Stuart Pearce

“The experiences of the past week on the Vanqraft VQ16 in Ibiza have make crystal clear that the term ‘best of both worlds’ truly does apply to this innovative crossover between a water scooter and a tender,” stated Vanquish.

The handlebars of the new Vanqraft VQ16

The controls. Credit: Stuart Pearce

Vanquish says that five other models are at various stages of construction ready for delivery this summer, and a further five Vanqraft VQ16 have been ordered.

A Veloce version capable of roaring through the 50-knot mark is also available for those who can never get enough speed.