An Australian man has built a mini-speedboat from scratch for his nephew.

Mart Whyte, from New South Wales in Australia has set the bar pretty high for children’s gifts this Christmas.

He built a mini-speedboat for his young nephew.

Built entirely from scratch, the motorised alloy boat sounds like a chainsaw as the youngster takes off and starts what is likely to be a day’s worth of laps in the family pool.

Although he built the miniature craft himself, Whyte has added the logo of the well-known ski boat maker Lewis to the side of the boat.

From a look at the mini-boat creator’s Facebook page, he appears to have a healthy interest in motor vehicles of all types, with 15 photos of a two-stroke quad engine that Whyte built himself taking pride of place at the top of his feed along with photos of tri- and quad-bikes and ski boats.

The ingenious little craft comes complete with a steering wheel and appears to have both an accelerator and a brake pedal. And with some 1.5 million views it can be safely assumed that plenty of children will be asking Santa to deliver one this Christmas.

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