The unique watercraft was a creation of the German carmaker BMW and boat manufacturer Rambeck.

A one of a kind BMW speedboat based on a rare BMW roadster from the 1950s has been lovingly restored to it former glory.

The craft was originally built as a one-off joint project in a partnership between BMW and the boat builder Rambeck, part of the oldest wharf in Bavaria, Germany.

The speedboat, owned and restored by Felipe Garcia, is powered by the BMW 507’s 3.2-litre V8 engine.

Garcia is a classic car enthusiast, and he began the search for the boat after hearing a rumour of its existence from a friend. The boat was in a state of serious disrepair when Garcia found it.

“Of course it was unrestored; it was badly damaged,” Garcia said.

“It had been kept in a barn for years and years. It was intact, it had all the parts, but we had to completely restore it.”

Garcia worked with various restorers to meticulously and sympathetically bring the boat back to life. Experts recreated the upholstery, restored the hull, repaired the instrument panel and repainted the boat with colours and materials matching the originals.

The speedboat sports its original 1950s BMW emblem and steering wheel as well as a small plaque acknowledging the joint project from the 1950s.

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