Strong wind and swell caused the fishing boat to be swamped while returning to the slipway at Knab Rock, Mumbles..luckily a Coastguard 4x4 came to the rescue!

A fishing boat had to be towed out of the water by a 4×4 at Mumbles, near Swansea, as it struggled to return to the slipway in strong winds and swell.

The volunteer crew of the RNLI Mumbles lifeboat were called out on 9 February 2017 to reports that a 16-foot fishing boat was swamped at the slipway at Knab Rock.

The boat’s three crew, who were returning home from a day of sea angling, had managed to wade through the swell to shore.

A fishing boat that had to be towed by 4x4 ashore at Mumbles, Wales

The fishing boat is finally brought ashore. Credit: The Mumbles Lifeboat RNLI

A statement from Mumbles RNLI read: “The lifeboat crew arrived in dry suits along with HM Coastguard teams and an ambulance.”

“The boat was dragged from the water by a Coastguard’s four wheel drive while the crew bailed the water from the inside,” it said.

Mumbles RNLI crew member, Keiran Dunstan, said there was a need to act quickly.

“We were aware that there was another two hours of making tide which could have taken the boat out to sea,” he said.

“It could have become a hazard to shipping so it was important to get it out of the water quickly,” added Dunstan.

The three fishermen were checked over by the ambulance crew, but needed no further assistance.