This impressive stealth vessel is built for the military and is sold by Berthon Brokerage.

The Ghost boat was designed and made by self-made American millionaire Gregory Sancoff through his company, Juliet Marine.

The Stealth Tactical Vessel hydrofoil was created with the military in mind and offered to the US Navy.
However the navy turned it down following cuts to its budget, so Mr Sancoff is currently looking for a private buyer through Hampshire-based yacht brokers Berthon.

Described by her designer as an ‘attack helicopter of the sea’ and built for anti-terrorism expeditions, coastal defence and to protect larger ships, the Ghost is built in stainless steel and aluminium.

Its 38-foot main hull is designed to travel above the water’s surface, propped up by two narrow struts, both 12 feet long and razor-sharp at the front so they can cut through ocean debris. Underwater, each strut is attached to a 62-foot-long tube that contains a gas turbine engine. Hinges allow the struts to move up and down like wings. While parked, or travelling through shallow waters, they can be extended to the side. In deeper waters, at speeds of eight knots or higher, they can rotate downward to lift the hull into the air, eliminating the jarring impact of waves.

Four propellers positioned at the front of the tubes are powered by the two 2,000-horsepower engines. They pull the craft and, with the help of air funnelling down through the struts, create a gas bubble around each tube—an effect known as super-cavitation that can reduce drag by a factor of 900.

Gregory Sancoff says: “It’s such a smooth ride, you can sit there and drink your coffee going through six-foot swells”.

Her name was inspired by the vessel’s impressive capabilities.

“We came up with the name Ghost because the boat is intended to have no radar signature at all,” says the millionaire. “With Ghost, you can get into denied-access ocean areas and loiter for 30 days with the fuel on board. You can listen to cell phone conversations, you can monitor what’s going on, you can launch operations and leave, and no one knows you’re there.” He adds, “That’s not something the government can do right now.”.

The craft is currently housed at the US naval base in Portsmouth, Maine and can be purchased for $7.5m through Berthon Brokerage.